Story of Mohair

The story of Mohair is rich with history dating back to the 16th Century Tibetan times. The product, which is sometimes referred to as the “diamond fibre” because of its lustrous shine, is tremendously versatile, being used today in various applications from fashion and clothing to textile design and even used for children’s play toys. The product is warmer than other fibres making it an ideal textile for colder climates. South Africa is one of the leading producers of raw semi-processed Mohair textile, because of its ideal climate for the nurturing of Angora Goat. South Africa accounts for more than 60% of the mohair export in the world.The success of South Africa’s mohair industry can be credited to the intelligence and progressive spirits of its pioneers; the merchants who imported the animals and the farmers who bred them. South African farmers believed that the angora was well suited to conditions in South Africa and saw a future for the industry. Their efforts culminated in