Carl Zhang was born in China’s famous port and commercial city – NingBo in 1971. In 1990 he went up north to Beijing for the 4-year university study, majored in International Trade & Management. In 2000 he got his MBA in one of China’s top business schools – Tsinghua University, Management School (Ex premier Zhu Rongji, Ex president Hu Jintao and Incumbent president Xijinping are all graduates of the university. Zhu Rongji had been dean of this management school until year 2001). Many alumni of this business school are now active in the economic and business areas of China. Carl is an active member of the Alumni Committee in Shanghai.


Since college graduation in 1994 Carl has worked for one of the top state-owned companies of China—CTRC in Beijing for 9 years. Over these years he had grown from a sales representative to the sales and purchasing director of the textile material division. Apart from accumulating sufficient operating and management experiences, he and his team had developed broad and successful purchasing channels in many foreign countries including Australia, New Zealand, North America, South Africa and some European countries.


In 2003 after a structural reform of CTRC, Carl Zhang started his own business – Landlink Co. Ltd, later renamed as Hanscent China Co.Ltd. The company is based in Shanghai, with trade liaisons in Ningbo, Beijing, Jiangsu, and Hebei provinces. Hanscent now professionalizes in three main areas: Imports of textile materials & exports of home textile products; Trade service & investment; Medical Device products and services. Hanscent has a dedicated team, with strong capability in the whole trading process from sourcing, quality control, documentation, logistics, and after-sale services .


Carl and his team have built excellent government relations and extensive network of local suppliers and factories, which effectively strengthens their business advantages. Given such, plus their strong negotiation skills, they have successfully helped their foreign partners in solving difficult issues in Chinese markets and frequently turned crisis into opportunities. With their deep-rooted understanding of Chinese markets, he and his team also provide pre-entry market information on investment policy, industry background, Chinese macro-economic environment, esp. for newly-entering foreign companies.


Carl is also activey involved in the work of the NingBo Business Chamber in Shanghai. This Chamber has a proud history in Shanghai and around areas dated back until 1910s. Members of the Chamber represent more than 80000 enterprises of all industries in Shanghai. In 2006 Carl was elected as one of the directors of the working committee of the Chamber and the youngest.