Prof Kobus Jonker (B.Com MBL D Com), has been a strategy consultant since 1992. He is currently the Director of the Graduate School of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School in Port Elizabeth and lectures Strategic Management and International Management on the MBA Programme. He has in the past 15 years facilitated the strategic planning sessions of several prominent companies and organisations in South Africa. He has also held several seminars and training workshops on Strategic Management and Globalisation. He holds a doctoral degree in Tourism Strategy from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and the title of his theses was The Strategic Identification and Integration of Critical Success Factors to make South Africa a Competitive International Tourism Destination.”  


His strategic management and leadership experience can be summarized as follows:











Professional standing as strategic planner and leader


  • Business and industry





















  • Consultation, training and strategic workshop facilitation for a variety of organisations and businesses eg:
  1. qContinental Tyres
  2. qGood Year
  3. qDaimler Chrysler
  4. qDelta
  5. qStandard Bank
  6. qFormex Components
  7. qTenneco
  8. qBayworld
  9. qEMC (East Cape Midlands College)
  10. qEberspächer SA
  11. qCordustex
  12. qTsala Agricultural Products
  13. qSchnellecke Logistics

q  Mohair (SA)



  • Community




  • Do training and facilitate strategic planning sessions for schools, churches, community organisations and NGO's free of charge. The

     following are examples:

  1. qMoregrove Primary School
    1. qSunridge Park Primary School
    2. qDespatch High School
    3. qAFM Church
    4. qBaptist Church
    5. qDelta Foundation
    6. qAfrikaanse Sakekamer
    7. qPERCCI (PE Regional Chamber

       Commerce and Industry)



  • Government and academic institutions




  • Act as official strategic planning facilitator for the Justice Department in the Eastern Cape
  • PE Technikon: Strategic Planning

q Played an important role in the

           development and

           implementation of formal

           strategic planning at the Faculty

           of Management for many years

  1. qPlayed an important role in the development and implementation of a formal strategic planning processthe P E Technikon
  2. qFacilitate strategic planning

           sessions for several faculties

           and departments for example:

* Faculty of Management

* Faculty of Arts

* Faculty of Communication  

* PET Library

* UPE Library

* Department of Sport


  • NMMU: Strategic Planning
  1. qPlayed an important role in the development of vision-, mission- and value statements for the NMMU
    1. qFacilitate a workshop for the development of the vision and mission of the Library and Information Centre of the NMMU




  • Business School





  • Initiate, develop and introduce the MBA Programme at the PE Technikon during 1995
  • Introduce and implement the University of Wales MBA programme in 1997
  • Formation of the MBA Unit in 1997
  • Leading the CHE accreditation process in 2003 which resulted in full accreditation for the MBA programme
  • Lead the development and integration of 4 units into the formation of the new Business School
  • Lead and develop the new organisation structure and facilitate the appointment process in this structure
  • Co-ordinate and lead the relocation process of the Business School to the Bird Street campus
  • Chairman of the BSPN (Business School Partners Network) consisting of 7 South African Business Schools with the mission to empower and develop specifically the smaller Business Schools in South Africa