Born 6 September 1953.  Completed High School at the Hoër Seunsskool Hugenote in Springs in 1970.

Completed the BVSc degree at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria June 1976.

Military service at the Sewefontein Horse Stud in De Aar where he managed 300 brood mares. 1976 - 1977

Private practice in George 1977-1978

Relief Veterinarian Johannesburg Municipality 1978 – 1979.  Beef herds (mostly reproduction and parasite control), Johannesburg Zoo, Meat and Milk hygiene.

Veterinary Specialist in mixed rural practice in Steynsburg.  Working in the Karoo since  1979.

Completed MBA at Potchefstroom Business School in 1997.

Employed by Grootfontein Development Institute in Middleburg, Eastern Cape as State Veterinarian:  Research and Training since 2007.

Completed Masters Degree in Sustainable Agriculture at the University of the Free State with a study on the quality evaluation of flock management in 1979

Completed Masters degree in Veterinary Science with specialisation in Herd Health of Small Ruminants with a study entitled  “A HACCP based methodology for the management of reproductive failure in small ruminants” under the leadership of Professor Gareth Bath.  Registered as specialist with the South African Veterinary Council.

Chairman of the Ethics Committee at GADI, lecturing Animal Health, Animal Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Beef Production and Artificial Insemination in Smallstock.  Research includes Flock Health Management, Swelling Disease in Angora Gaots and many aspects of reproduction and parasite control.  Perform Laparoscopic insemination, cervical insemination and embryo transfers of smallstock.  Provide clinical services to GADI, the local community, communal farmers and commercial farmers.  Currently driving the transformation of the curriculum at GADI to Competency Based Learning though facilitation and workplace integrated learning.  

Passion and special interest:  Sustainability in Agriculture.