Handover donated Classing Tables in Jansenville

Handover of Classing Table Address by Bongani Mdhlovu, Development Officer of the Mohair Empowerment Trust at Ikwezi Municipality, Jansenville, Eastern Cape- 11 July 2014

Your honourable MEC, Mhlibo Qoboshiyane

Mayor Sizwe Mngevu


Ladies & Gentleman


Thank you very much for affording us the opportunity today to present the classing tables, a donation from the stakeholders of  the International Mohair Summit which was held here in Jansenville last year to emerging Mohair farmers from this area.

The Eastern Cape prides itself in producing the top quality Mohair clip in the world. The Empowerment Trust endeavours to nurture the Mohair Industry by developing emerging farmers and providing them with in-depth training on all aspects of farming with Angoras.

We are very fortunate that the mayor of Ikwezi Municipality, has such a passion for the growth of Mohair and we thank him for his continued support. 

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform for their immense contribution towards the International Mohair Summit which played such a crucial role in the promotion and development of the emerging mohair farmers in the Ikwezi Local Municipality and the entire Cacadu District.

In recognition for their efforts and as a result of this partnership, we hereby would like to present on behalf of the stakeholders of the International Mohair Summit  classing tables to the emerging farmers of this area who have shown great potential in farming with Angoras. These tables will be a useful tool enabling the farmers to class and sort their sheared Mohair.  MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane hands over donated classing tables on behalf of Mohair Summit Stakeholders