Fun Facts

So far, the summit has successfully informed and educated delegates about mohair and various apsects of the industry. Delegates have also been entertained and transported to different worlds - whether it is the fabulous life of Colin Cowie, our incredible guest speaker, or the cream of the crop of the products themselves at the Prestige Ram Sale. Thanks to all our traditional and social media, those unable to attend the summit have been kept up to date on discussions and events and been able to join in the conversation and learn more about the mohair industry. The local Jansenville community has been treated to national government officials and national and international media and delegates indulging in everything their town has to offer, as well as some exciting events like the traditional braai and the street carnival and music concert that takes place on the final day (Saturday 2 November). The summit has already been a success in increasing the awareness and dialogue of the industry, and here are some interesting facts about the product and where it comes from...   Jansenville, established in 1854 by the Dutch Reformed Church (evident in the architecture of the small Karoo town) is known as the heart of mohair country, and South Africa produces more than 50% of the world's mohair - a staggering fact considering the size of our country compared to other mohair producers like Australia. This is in part due to the spectacular abundance and quality of the Eastern Cape's natural resources and great climate (with more than 300 days of sunshine a year). Additionally, the Eastern Cape is rich in floral habitats and vegetation - which were evident in the various routes taken by delegates and media into the summit. The Eastern Cape also has arguably the richest history in South Africa and is often refered to as "The Province of Legends". Jansenville is part of the Ikwezi Municipal Area and delegates soon became familiar with a man who prides himself on the success and growth of the district: Mayor Sizwe Mngwevu, proof that dynamite really does come in small packages. Mayor Mnqwevu has been hugely involved in the discussions and events of the summit and his passion for his community shines through (much like the 'diamond fibre' of mohair).   Mohair as a fibre is rich in history and is one of the most luxurious, noble and natural fibres in the world and the bulk of it is produced right here in the Eastern Cape, making it one of our most successful exports. Mohair is not only extremely luxurious, but also incredibly versatile as it can be combined with a number of other fibres to creates endless possibilities of construction and creation of products. This summit highlighted that potentiality. Furthermore, as a fibre mohair offers farmers the comfort of sustainability as it is a renewable natural resource. This is good news for the mohair community, especially as natural fibres are back in fashion all over the world. In addition to its aesthetic appeal and versatility, mohair is also almost completely non-flammable, crease resistant and extremely durable. These are just some of the qualities which make mohair a coveted natural fibre and product.   Delegates have been welcomed to the area with true Karoo hospitality and charm, an added extra to an already tremendous summit! We hope that everyone has enjoyed the summit so far and we look forward to the final day of events on Saturday.