Colin Cowie wows delegates at the International Mohair Summit

Day Two of the Second International Mohair Summit saw international event planner to the stars and style guru, Colin Cowie present to delegates in Jansenville's Town Hall.. Colin, born and raised in East London, returned to the Eastern Cape to present to the delegates on Thursday 31 October - entertaining and informing attendees through a fascinating presentation on what he does and how mohair could become a key player in the construction of his extravagant events. Colin began the presentation by defining and expanding on the idea of luxury - something often associated with mohair and the mohair products showcased at the summit. He then went on to offer delegates a glimpse intop his fast-paced, fabulous life and line of work. Colin Cowie is not only one of the best event and wedding planners in the world, but also one of Oprah's best friends and personal events organiser. He is also an author and television presenter, as well as a style guru and the go-to man on all things luxurious and exclusive. Colin took us through some of his greatest events; from Hong Kong to Mexico, The Carribean and the cream of the crop of American locations in New York and Las Vegas (to name a few), and the weddings of some of the most influential business families in the States. All of his events and parties utilise custom-made and designed interiors and fabrics, all created from the finest materials including cashmere and silk, but no mohair. This was one of the key points in his presentation - the potentiality of mohair as a luxury fibre to be used in these exclusive parties and weddings and customised decor. He went on to show us some of his other tremendous projects (as if his fabulous events and weddings weren't impressive enough!) - customised interiors for the most exclusive private line of aeroplanes in the world, and personalized interiors made form only the finest materials in some of the most expensive cars in the world. All areas of potential growth for this proudly South African product. There is so much more to mohair than just its capabilities as a fashion and home product, said Colin, highlighting and introducing a completely new range of industries in which mohair could be used and promoted, with a strong emphasis on the automotive industry.   After a whirlwind trip through the exciting life of Colin Cowie, delegates were informed of various issues surrounding luxury and what Colin describes as the new consumer - younger than ever, with men spending more money than women and a huge growth in the luxury market in China. The average age of billionaires in China is a mere 39, as opposed to 49 in the United States. Colin emphasized the need for a return to real, pure luxury; a concept that has "lost its luster" due to mass production and distribution of previously elite, totally exclusive brands such as Louis Vuitton. Colin suggested that the small amount of mohair produced each year (in comparison to other, less luxurious and finely created and manufactured fibres) actually gives it an advantage, as it creates an exclusivity within the niche market. "The smaller the yield, the greater the demand", explained Colin. It is imperative that we market mohair as such: an exotic and extremely lustrious fibre which can be altered and customised to clients' preferences and satisfaction. The time is now, and mohair is bound to shine.   Colin Cowie is an excellent speaker and fully engaged his audience, with knowledge and practical examples of where and how mohair could grow as a luxury product. "Mohair could become the new cashmere", he said. Delegates were inspired and invigorated, asking Colin questions and engaging in discussion with a man who has made his mark as an innovator in luxurious, magnificent creations which use only the best materials in the world, one of which should and could be mohair.   A huge thanks to this dynamic man for sharing with us his knowledge and insight into a world in which mohair has great potential to thrive. Colin Cowie's presentation instilled in our delegates a hope for the future of this exquisite, local product - a definite highlight of the International Mohair Summit 2013!   For images, please see our Facebook and Pinterest pages - and respectively.