Prestige Ram Sale and Cocktail Function

Thursday night was reserved for the Prestige Ram Sale and Cocktail Function, held at the local Jansenville Cricket Club. Angora goat farmers from in and around Jansenville showcased their most prestigious rams at a festive cocktail party, where buyers and sellers congregated around the beautiful animals. Prices reached record highs with Jan Lategaan taking home the highest bid at a whopping R62000! The party was attended by the who's who of the mohair industry, alongside members of local government and national and international media, in the form of Central China Television (CCTV). After the Prestige Sale - held in conjunction with Angora Ram Breeders and CMW, and a bilingual auctioneer- guests enjoyed lively jazz music and delicious food from Bojangles. Dancing soon ensued as the band got the crowd going! For photos, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages - and @mohairsummit respectively.